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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should I contact if I require assistance or additional information?

Where can I purchase Flight Centre Gift Cards?

Can I exchange, return or refund my Gift Card?

Can more value be added to a Gift Card?

What are the Gift Card Terms of Use?

Where can Gift Cards be used/redeemed?

Do I need a PIN number in order to redeem my Gift Card?

Is there anything I can't use my Gift Card for?

How many times can I use my Gift Card?

How do I get a list of transactions made with my Gift Card?

Do Flight Centre Gift Cards expire?

My Gift Card is lost or stolen?

My PIN number is lost or stolen?

How do I order a Flight Centre Gift Card online?

I am having difficulty placing an order online

Can I cancel my Gift Card order if I order online?

What value can I put on a Gift Card?

Is it secure to enter my credit card details when ordering Gift Cards online?

Can I order Gift Cards from outside Australia?

What form of payments are accepted online?